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School Counseling Services

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School counselors at Hainesport Township School District aid in the personal, social, and academic development of students. Our school counselors are student advocates, striving to create a learning environment where students feel socially and emotionally supported.


Hainesport Township School school counselors are members of the American School Counselor Association, New Jersey School Counselor Association, and Burlington County School Counselor Association.  The school counselors collaborate with teachers, administration, and families as members of the Intervention & Referral Services (I&RS) Team and School Safety Committee.  As Harassment Intimidation Bullying (HIB) Specialists, the school counselors work to identify and remediate harassment and bullying. 


Our school counselors lead a wide range of activities that include: character education classroom lessons, Positive Behavior Supports in School (PBSIS), No Place for Hate activities, organizing and presenting social-emotional-academic assemblies, small group school counseling, individual school counseling, academic monitoring/counseling, high school readiness, peer conflict resolution, and peer mediation. 


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Need to meet with a school counselor?

Any student who is having difficulty coping with a problem, either in or outside of school, may make an appointment to see his or her school counselor. Parents/Guardians who detect a problem or feel they need help in solving a problem are urged to contact their child’s school counselor.


I am a PARENT/GUARDIAN and would like to refer my child. School Counselor Referral from PARENT/GUARDIAN


I am a STUDENT at Hainesport Township School and would like to meet with a School Counselor. School Counselor Referral from STUDENT


I am a TEACHER/STAFF MEMBER who would like to refer a student to meet with a School Counselor. School Counselor Referral from TEACHER/STAFF

Crisis Services

New Jersey Health Behavior Access Line

"Provides families with a virtual single point of contact that registers, tracks, and coordinates care for children who are screened, at any level, into it's Children Behavioral Health Service System of Care. To provide this simplified access, Division of Children and Families contracts with Perform Care, which is a private entity that administers this service system. For questions about, or to access services for children and youth, call the 24-hour, toll-free Access Line. The following services are available: Mobile Response and Stabilization Services, Care Management Organizations, Youth Case Management Services, Family Support Organization."  Contact New Jersey Health Behavior Access Line at 1-877-652-7624.



Children's Mobile Response and Stabilization System

The Mobile Response and Stabilization System is operated by the Lester A. Drenk Behavioral Health Center. It provides time limited crisis intervention to children and youth exhibiting emotional or behavior disturbances that threaten to disrupt their current living arrangements. Persons requesting response intervention can call a statewide toll-free hotline to access the system. Response intervention is available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Contact Children's Mobile Response and Stabilization System at 1-877-NJCSOCI or 1-877-652-7624.


SCIP Mobile Outreach

Mobile Outreach Services are an extension of the Screening Crisis Intervention Program (SCIP). Mobile Outreach provides crisis evaluations to Burlington County residents at the crisis site. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is conducted by a New Jersey State Certified Screener. Any person who is in Burlington County and is experiencing psychiatric crisis or poses a danger to self, others, or property can contact SCIP at 609-835-6180.



Virtual Offices


School Counselor
Grades K - 8
Mrs. Rose Wenz
Room 117
Ext. 140 

School Counselor 
Grades K – 8
Ms. Nicole Zerbo 
Room: Related Services Suite 
Ext. 239   

School Counselor 
Grades K – 8
Ms. Morgan Barnett 
Room: Related Services Suite 
Ext. 284