Having a Fun Run as a fundraiser means there is NO selling or delivering products!!

On Tuesday, January 27, 2016 we will begin a fundraising  program called Boosterthon.  This program will culminate with a Hawks Fun Run on February 4, 2016.

Family and friends anywhere in the world can support our school by giving pledges toward the number of laps our students will complete during the Hawks Fun Run.  Our Fun Run will be powered by the Boosterthon Fun Run Team Members, this organization is slated to organize Fun Runs for over 1,600 schools this year.

Plesae check out why we chose Boosterthon by watching this cute “More than a Run” video:  This year’s theme is BIG WORLD RECESS, a global fitness theme all about building character through sports.

Students will travel our “Big World” learning how to play with character from REAL kid-athletes in other countries.

Through the Fun Run, the school goal is to raise funds  for a track around the playground!  

We have a kickoff Pep Rally on Monday, January 26.  Each day from January 27 through February 3, each classroom will watch a brief 3-5 minute video about one of the Character Education topics (Teamwork, Curiosity, Practice, Humility, Confidence, & Endurance).  The Boosterthon Team will go into every classroom (for approximately 5 minutes) every day to go over the character lesson, update the students on how their classroom is doing with pledging, and give them a fun challenge for the night.

On February 4 we will be holding our “Hawks Fun Run” in the gymnasium.  Due to the event being held indoors we are unable to invite families to attend in person but we will be streaming the event through the District website.  


Please see the following the steps below for registering a pledge for the Hawks Fun Run.

Step 1:    Go to

Step 2:    Create the Parent Account (Anyone who is pledging needs to create an account, Parents, Grandma, Uncles, Friends of the Family, etc...)

Step 3:    Use the Code that applies
                 PreK - Grade 5 Code:      551-518
                 Grades 6 - 8 Code:          356-689

Step 4:    Enter the student(s) you are pledging for and check your email for the confirmation.

Step 5:    Enjoy (and giggle at) the videos on this page hyping Boosterthon & the Hawks Fun Run!!

Thank you so much for any pledge you can give!!

What is the Purpose of Boosterthon?

Getting Ready for Boosterthon

Cheering for the Fun Run

Mr. Stipa - Getting Pumped for Boosterthon

Mrs. Venuto & the Crew