Vision 2019

Introduction to the Strategic Planning Process:

The goal of the Hainesport Township School District Vision 2019 project was to conduct a strategic planning process for or the purpose of defining the decisions and actions that shape and guide the future direction for the school district over the next several years. The planning process included targeted and prioritized action steps to move the district forward. The following introduction summarizes results of three community/staff focus groups conducted May 27, June 4, and June 11, 2014. Focus groups reflected diversity of opinions and positions regarding the current status and future of the Hainesport Township Schools and articulated some interesting, thought provoking, and in some cases almost unanimous agreement on the current and future direction of the district.

Points of Pride

On May 27, 2014, Hainesport Township residents and district staff met for the purpose of strategic planning. The purpose of this planning was to seek contributions to efforts of the Hainesport Township Schools to engage community members in future thinking improvement needs for the District. This meeting was the first in a series of three community engagement sessions. During this session, What is Working Well in Hainesport Schools, participants worked in small groups. Their first task was to think individually about this topic and to record their thoughts. Following this, participants shared their individual thinking, and following discussion, they reached consensus on points of agreement on what is working well. These consensus points were then presented by the small groups to the full group of meeting participants. Members of the large group then discussed, compared and contrasted the results of thinking across the small groups.  The following link provides the minutes from this strategic planning session:  

Expectations for the Future

On June 4, 2014, community members and district staff met to participate in Session 2 of strategic planning. After reviewing highlights from the first session, “What’s Working Well at Hainesport Public Schools,” participants focused on the question: "If we were here together three years from now, looking back over those three years that have passed, what would have happened in the Hainesport Township  School that would make you feel proud of the accomplishments of the District?" Individually, participants recorded their responses to this question. Participants then shared their thinking with other small group members. Participants then, by consensus, identified points they agreed should be brought to the full participant group.  The following link provides the minutes from this strategic planning session:   

How Do We Get There? Creating an Action Plan

On June 11, 2014, community members and district staff convened for a 3rd session to consider the priority goal areas identified through the work of Session 2.  Session participants worked in small groups and carousel brainstormed the identified goal areas. Their challenge was to identify action steps that would support the accomplishment of improvements in the goal areas they have identified. Following this brainstorming activity, the groups identified action steps they believe would be important to take, but which would not require substantial cost for operating funds or additional human resources.  The following link provides the minutes from this strategic planning session:

In Progress...
The actual Vision 2019 Strategic Plan for a projected adoption in August & implementation in September with a presentation of the Vision 2019 Strategic Plan at the Public Session of the September 18, 2014 Hainesport Township Board of Education Meeting...