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Hainesport Township School District

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Medication Administration

Medication Administration in School

Medication Administration in School

The New Jersey Nurse Practice Act prohibits nurses from administering medication without written orders from a physician.  All medication, whether it is over-the-counter or prescribed by your physician, must be accompanied by written orders from your physician.  Parents/guardians must deliver medication to the school in a container appropriately labeled by the pharmacy or the original container for over-the-counter medications.  Your pharmacist can provide you with an appropriately labeled bottle for use at school.  Children are not permitted to carry medication to and from school unless they are permitted by their physician to self-administer medication for life-threatening illnesses.

For further information regarding medication administration at school, you may reference the Hainesport Township School District's Board of Education Policy #5330.

Forms for medication administration at school:
  • For students with severe food or insect allergies requiring medication in school, use the Anaphylaxis Action Plan