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Hainesport Township School District

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Academic Enrichment

Academic Enrichment

Welcome to Academic Enrichment!  This is a time for you to be successful in your current classes, so please use your time wisely.

Class Purpose:  The point of this class is to have time to complete assignments, work on academic content, study for other classes, organize materials, or quietly read.  This is NOT free time to be used however one wishes.  Students must work independently, on their schoolwork.  There is no such thing as “I have nothing to do.”  

Students must bring school related material to work every class period.  Acceptable material includes:  
  • Homework  
  • Study material  
  • Textbooks  
  • Silent reading book 

Chromebooks will be available for use.

Students will NOT be allowed to use or engage in the following:   
  • Phone  
  • YouTube or other videos  
  • Games  
  • Socializing  
  • “doing nothing”    
  • sleeping  
  • leaving class    

Listening to music with earbuds while working can be done with  permission, but just listening to music without working is not an  acceptable use of academic enrichment time.  

Being a student is your job, be professional and work hard at it!       

Be Prepared to Work:  Come to class on time, with all materials, ready to work.  Students will not be allowed out of class to get material.  

Be respectful:  Of the teacher, other students, the classroom and equipment.  

If you have another commitment, it is up to you or the teacher who requires you to miss Academic Enrichment to inform the Academic Enrichment teacher of your absence.
Grade 6 Grade 6 will meet 6/6 days for Academic Enrichment (126 minutes)
Grade 7 Grade 7 will meet 6/6 days for Academic Enrichment (126 minutes)
Grade 8 Grade 8 will meet 6/6 days for Academic Enrichment (126 minutes)

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