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Preschool Program Overview

Preschool Program Overview

The Hainesport Township Preschool Program offers a high-quality, comprehensive educational program for every three year old and four year old child in Hainesport Township. Our high-quality preschool program is aligned to NJ Preschool Teaching and Learning Standards of quality and addresses all domains of learning. All classes are led by certified preschool teachers, while addressing the needs of the whole child.
Research has shown that children who participate in a high-quality educational program promotes the development of children's critical-thinking skills, fosters awareness of diversity, and supports enthusiasm and engagement as the cornerstones of approaches to learning. Preschool children fare better with high-quality preschool experiences. Intentional interactions, intentional planning, carefully selected intentional materials, health and safety routines and practices are all measures of high quality. A high-quality preschool program requires dedicated and qualified teaching staff, working in partnership with children's families, to systematically assist children in developing social competence and confidence. Young children's social and emotional growth and learning occurs as a result of their interactions with others and is interconnected with their development in the physical and cognitive domains. 
We have established supportive preschool partnerships to help create the kind of environment in which families, schools, and the community work together to achieve and sustain shared goals for children. Our well-defined preschool education program incorporates a wide range of family involvement and family educational opportunities to foster such partnerships. Our preschool program is designed to ensure recognition and respect for culture and diversity.